Brigham Young Agrees with Wall Street Protesters


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No, really. see: [Moderator removed link]

Hi! I'm Jesse! A convert of 41 years.

My family were Baptists and I come from a long line of protestant ministers in the South.

Missionaries were trying to be led by the Spirit and stopped at our home in the middle of the block. Even at age 7, I could tell the missionaries had something our family desperately needed (the Holy Spirit!). When the missionaries popped the big question, I came up out of my chair (by then I was 8) and said, "Say, 'Yes', Mom! Say 'Yes', Dad!" and they did.

Although the Gospel didn't save my parent's marriage, it did provide stability and strength to us through the divorce and the years afterwards.

I served a mission to Germany, attended BYU, married a wonderful angel from Arizona, have 5 kids - all but one have left the coop. I just became a 2nd degree grandfather.

Made the mistake of believing Joseph and Brigham when they said we should have building Zion as our primary objective. I'm not one of those who believes the convenient excuse that we'll build Zion once Jesus comes. I think he just might wait until we get serious about it. So, I've been fairly disappointed in my fellow LDS and their buying into Babylon hook, line and sinker and who generally have no interesting in actually building Zion. (Babylon is just too much fun!)

Why is it OK for LDS to spend all day every day building and working in Babylonian businesses, but we think we have to have permission from the Brethren to build Zion? Makes no sense. Whatever happened to "many good things of their own free will"?

So, not wanting to abandon the dream myself, I've spent the last 36 years gathering more Zion-like ways of organizing society socially, politically and economically. There have been, and are, some pretty impressive experiments in that direction.

So, seeing how the American socio-economic system appears to be approaching a crisis point, thought now might be a good time to start recruiting those serious about moving towards Zion. Talk is cheap - action is what counts.

Hence, the video: [Moderator Removed Link]

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