Poem - My Will


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My Will

The rocks were sharp and jagged as I stepped from off the path

They sliced my feet and drew my blood to pain me in their wrath

But in my pride I clenched my teeth and walked the harder there

Not wishing to succumb to shame, nor guilt, nor sorrow bear

Said I, "My life is mine to live, twas given me to do

I'm free to choose the way I will, the road I'll travel through."

And so within myself I pushed to keep my chosen course

And at my sins tried not to look and suffer their remorse

So on the days and years they passed, I lived as I preferred

But in my vain ambitious trek my conscience often stirred

And nagging deep within my heart a quiet voice did plead

That I should walk the trodden path and let another lead

I had the things the world could buy, I had its passion sure

I had the things of lust and greed and pleasures to allure

But still, in all, I had a wound hid deep within my soul

And in the solitude of dark its weeping took its toll

Then all alone one night I cried, "Dear Lord, where might thou be?

Please help me in my anguish, Lord, my soul yearns to be free!"

And then as rain began to fall outside my window pane

I felt as if it washed me through, no suffering did remain

But peace began to fill me up with love and tender care

With warmth, where once cold feelings lay, no longer to despair

And now true joy, a thing I'd lost, welled up and me did fill

Into my heart my Savior came and beckoned, "Do My will."

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