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Two Examiner articles

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I have just published two examiner articles. One for the Marysville Parenting Examiner:

Looking for some interesting subjects to develop more articles about, the Marysville Parenting Examiner happened across the Seattle Times article titled – Do parents need to stop the gossip mill? By Heidi Stevens of the Chicago Tribune. This is an interesting question, and therefore would like to know what parents in the Marysville, and surrounding communities have to say in response to these questions.

As parents, should we interfere, and talk with our teen about gossiping?

Do you believe teen gossip is a fundamental part of teen development? If so, why? If not, why?

If you are comfortable: Share how gossiping affects your son or daughter and family

Feel free to email your responses to [email protected] and in the subject line place “Teen Gossip”. Provide First name (or pseudonym if you would like) and your answer to the question.

From the Marysville LDS Church Examiner column:

Christmas is almost here and the shopping season is almost winding down. Thinking upon this time of year and the meaning of one of the more significant events in human history, one subject keeps coming to mind: Are we forgetting the true meaning behind this holiday season and Christmas? Many people make statements that Christ is the reason for the Season, or that you cannot have Christmas without Christ. While this is true, there is something more that we have strayed from in relation to the heart of this season and the meaning behind the season. What is this reason that we have strayed from? This is the idea and concept of giving rather than receiving this holiday season.

The greatest gift ever given is the birth of the Messiah. The Foothills Park Ward Primary sang Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus at the Ward Christmas breakfast this past weekend.

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