BYU alumna gift idea -- just in time for the holidays!


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I can imagine the conversation:

BOSS: Okay, so we have all the BCS conference gear ready. Let's get the best of the rest. Any minor conferences worth doing?

FLUNKY: Uh, minor conferences, let's see... [being from the East Coast, he can't think of any] How about independents?

B: Right. Notre Dame, gold and blue, let's do it! Who else?

F: Let's see. Isn't BYU independent?

B: Yeah! Lots of Mormons and their multiple wives! We need to get those women something to wear other than the long black dresses and straw hats! Find out their school colors, slap a logo on it, and let's move some product, people!

F: Right away, boss!

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It's strapless! I'm imagining seeing a bunch of girls wearing a T-shirt under it to make it modest....

Uh, that's not quite what is being suggested:

Ladies, make sure your game day garb is worthy of a true Cougars princess when you spoil yourself with this adorable Royalty tube dress! It features a vibrant, team color graphic at the right hem that includes a team logo, crown and banner-style team "Pride" lettering overlapping an array of vine and sunburst flourishes. Plus, its smocked bodice makes for the perfect, flirty fit, so you're sure to gain some positive attention as you turn heads in regal team style!


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Actually that last one has some utility for Apple Beer.

And why not hot chocolate in the coffe mug? I use those....

Well . . . I suppose. If you INSIST on using it for other than it's specified purpose! :P Is that a pot of (super) dark hot chocolate I see in the background of the tumbler pic? Funny, I thought it was coffee. ;)
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