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I thought it would be nice to have a thread in which we give some primary music ideas for primary choristers to use. These can be ideas you have seen used or ideas you have used yourself that have been effective at teaching a song, reviewing songs, getting the kids to sing or just fun ideas for music in primary - Junior, Senior and nursery. I'd love to read all your wonderful ideas.

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My most popular idea I snagged from her site is the Spray Bottle throat soother.

My favorite review activity is the one with the balloons on strings that you pull towards a needle that will pop it if they've mastered the song.

But mostly, I follow the activity she posts on every song of the month. A lot of times, though, I have to simplify it because man, a lot of those things she posts take a lot of time and crafty skill... both of which I don't have.

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yes, music from the calms their spirit and gives them strength. plus, I wouldn't focus so much on the things of this world such as your prophet songs, but would rather dirrectly play music that will trully set them free from all yokes and let them descide for themselves who their master is..

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