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Life long member with a firm testimony and ambitious desires :D

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Hello, My name is Jared!

Short story:

-I'm 17

-I'm a guy

-I'm an INFJ <>

-I'm aspiring to be an inventor and holographic programer

-I have a strong testimony and I know this church is true

-I've gone through the painful process of repentance

-While I have many "friends" and aquaintences at church, no one seems to understand me completly or is interested in what I find fascinating.

Longer Story:

Well I was born in Queens, New York. I've moved to Illinoise, Mexico, Virginia, Puerto Rico, back to VA, and now I currently live in Maryland. I have Hispanic parents, spoke Spanish first and learned English early in elementary school.

[Average nerdy kid] As a child, I had asthma, which constricted my ability to have fun like the other kids. I instead spent my time pondering and exploring the world, both real and metaphorical. I studied about my asthma, the human body, and the universe. Astronomy fascinated my little brain. The school system labeled me as gifted (even though I never thought of myself as 'smart'), shipping me off to a school with other kids "like" me. Never really made friends (even though I kinda wanted to). Moved to Puerto Rico for 3rd and 4th grade with a relaxed school system and enviroment. I went back to VA and continued an accelerated scholarly program at the middle school magnet program. I started to make friends in 8th grade, but around this time, I developed an addiction to pornography.

[Painful repentance] Since I knew how to work computers than my parents at this age, I knew how to clear history, set up a private browser, and find mobile sites and jailbroken apps for my iPod Touch. This lead me to act very sexual and flamboyant way. That's how I thought I could get friends. I knew the gospel was true and felt the spirit before, but as I got into this addiction, my spiritual progression went backwords. I saw myself sinking into the darkness of hell and falling short of the glory of God. I wasn't upholding my priesthood power. I was chained to the addictive powers of sin. One day, after coming home from a mini youth conferance, I told my mom to stop the car. I poured out the agony of my soul and cried out to her and my God to release me from the claws of the Advesary. That moment forever changed my life. I began the long, painful journey that is repentance. I started to feel the spirit again. I got my patriarchal blessing at the age of 14. I felt safe in the temple again.

[Aftermath] My mind cleared up and I stopped using profanity, I associated with better people, I was the example Christ wanted me to be. I bore my testimony often to my friends. While none of them converted, I greatly strenghtened my own in the process.

[i'm weird] Recently, I've been more aware of the way I percive the world. I am quite oblivious to the real world. I can be looking at something and if you were to ask me about its physical qualities, I would not be able to answer. However, if I'm looking at a conflict between people or even just a passive aggressive glance exchange, I could immediatly go into precise detail as to what was being unspokenly said and the implications of unheard words. My imagination skills increase more and more every day. I can mentally "see" entire landscapes and "connect" with nature. In differential equations I would only understand water-brine soultion problems by "being" the tank solution. In calculus, I saw every new concept as a proof of some "infinite" concepts of the gospel. I enjoyed physics tests and exams because I would just sit there in my imaginative world and simulate the problem at hand while calculating it on paper. I did so much better when problems involved just symbols, like letters and various greek letters, as opposed to actual numbers. This awareness ties my in with the past, present, and future. The gospel itself also teaches me more about this and calms me down when my intuition runs wild with dark anxieties about the insignificance of death and the fact that days and weeks just seem to fly by.

[What I want to do in the future] While specifics of my childhood are difficult to recall, I can remember precicly almost every idea I had or feeling/inspiration I received. I recently realized that one thing I always imagined doing was computing in mid air. I wanted to work with whatever, video editing, 3D art, or even just web browsing, in the air. I always imagined just going in front of people, dropping a flat projector on the floor, and amaze people with holographic computing. I wanted to be able to form dragons and mystical creatures from the palm of my hands. I wanted to control my own 3D world in the presence of others. Apparently this kind of technology has been developed around the world. I want to further develop this technology and make it popular. I want to one day present this technology to the people on a stage and produce one massive exhibit of holographic fantasy worlds. I want to grow old and build a gigantic room where I can have the IMAX version of holographic technology and create worlds for people to enjoy and gather to listen about the gospel in amazing settings. I want to do what I feel the Lord is telling me to do to prepare the world for his coming.

[What I want from joining this fourm] While I have friends at church, I feel like no one finds what I enjoy interesting. No one thinks like I do. Everyone my age either just wants to have fun and not worry so much about the future or just are apathetic towards the gospel. While no one is trangressing or anything, no one really seems to have a firm knowledge about the gospel unless its my adult leaders. The only people I can have intersting conversations with are the other students in my physics class. However, I'm still sensitive to criticism, so when these conversations get technical and I'm attacked for providing a weak argument for something, I get hurt. I feel like I only have extended family at church and "friends" who can sometimes be critical, are too worldy to hang out with outside of school, or intimidate too much with their other friends they happen to know since forever ago.

So yea, that's my story! If you read the whole thing, than you have a greater attention span than I do and I congratulate thee on a job well done. If you have any similar experiance or interests, I would love to hear about it :D

Oh yea, interests!


-Trance! I love Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, and the various artists they mix in. I love the soudscape it paints and the magical escape it provides while still being somewhat spiritually uplifitng :)

-Mika! I love his lyrics and just his eccentric personality in general!

-Florence and the Machine! OMGosh she has been my FAVORITE artist recently :) Much like Mika [an ENTP], Florence Welch is an ENFP and I'm attracted to the extroverted inutition that's cleary present in her voice, lyrics, and music videos!

-M83! I love the mental pictures they paint<3

-Madina Lake! This is a pop punk band that I fell in love with when I tried to get into the genre [only ended up liking them xD]. Their lyrics speak to my soul and I love the hard rock grungy feeling that isn't screaming at me :P

-She & Him. I love Zooey Deschanel. Just Saying <3

-House music! Tiesto, Hardwell, Alesso, Fedde La Grande. What can I say? I love dance<3

-Hardstyle: For those moments when I want to enjoy a good mental chaos movie!

-Dubstep: Skrillex, basshead, flux pavillion: For those moments I want to FEEL the crazy.

-Good dubstep and minimal: Apparat, Trentemoller. It paints a calm, organized mental landscape which is perfect for thinking and homework!

-Jazz: Because it reminds me of what seems to be a happier time in American history :)

TV Shows:

-New Girl: Love Zooey Deschanel<3 I also love analzing the dynamics between idealists like Jess and sensors, artisans, and guardians like Schmit and Nick.

-The Big Bang Theory: Because internally, I feel like Sheldon sometimes xD Plus, I love the fact that I understand almost everything said in the show [future physics major :D]!!


-Harry Pottter: I love the depiction of honor with magic and the whole mystical outlay of the entire story. I also enjoy the parallel between the battle against voldemort and WWII :P!

-Hunger Games: I love the way the story is presented, appeling to both my mental senses and desire for mental action

-Anthem: I love post apotolyptic novels with a totalitarian collectivims and dystopian future where the hero is the one with forbidden knowledge!

-The Pearl of Great Price: I love imagining the creation of the world with this more descriptive narrative of the actual process :)


-Inception: BLEW MY MIND. Partly because I was obsessed with lucid dreaming a few months before hand. Also, it was just amazing creating theories about the end :D

-Limitless: It really described some phases I go through in my head. There are some days that everything makes sense and I'm on a continual roll. Other days just feel horrible because I go the whole day on "auto-pilot" and just freak out.

-Source Code: Just the implications of the ideas and theories presented gives me the chills and I LOVE it/


-Binaural Beats/Isochronic Tones: I love using these to meditate :D

-Spacing out: It's sooo much fun, and I get my best ideas when I'm using this as an escape from boring classes at school!

-Lucid Dreaming: When It happens, it rocks<3

-Driving: I've been driving for almost a year and I still find it as amazing and new as the first time. Plus I love exploring my surroundings!

-Walking around my neighborhood: There are just so many things to see and so much architecture to take in!

-Talking about myself: Not because I love myself or am vain, but becuase it helps me understand who I really am and I am on an eternal quest to know the true me and what my mission is.

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I sense a hint of sarcasm... :o

Not really. A new poster just before you posted was talking about how he wanted to meet such a girl, so I was just riffing off of that. No real reflection on your post. Welcome.

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Guest leejason86

Good day! Thank you for sharing your info about your life. I would like to welcome you in this community. I'm looking forward your more post. I hope you will share your knowledge or ideas to us.

Best Regards,

graphic designs

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Welcome! I admire and appreciate your testimony. You've come a long way in such a short period of time. Keep growing your testimony. I admire that you love the Pearl of Great Price. I have a deep love of the Book of Mormon.

I've never heard of Anthem. Who's the author? I'm not into post apocalyptic novels as much as I am with hard sci-fi, but some are post apocalyptic. A couple good books are Ender's Game and Time Ships, Time Ships being the sequel to a small story by HG Wells called The Time Machine. I believe you would really enjoy Time Ships. It's a real mind bender (multiple histories concept)!

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Welcome to the site Jared! I noticed that you liked the Hunger Games. I just got the triology in ebooks for $3.06 at using discount codes. A friend had suggest the series to me and when I first started reading it I didn't think that I was going to like it, but it did get better as I read more.

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