At the Crossroads Again: Mormonism and Protestantism


Recommended Posts - At the Crossroads, Again: Mormon and Protestant Encounters in the Nineteenth and Twenty-First Centuries

This conference will engage the challenge and promise of dialogue between two religious traditions whose historical intersections have at times been characterized by misunderstanding and even condemnation: Mormonism and Protestant Christianity. Despite a strong historical connection in nineteenth century America, and a commonly claimed commitment to the moral teachings and saving power of Jesus, differences in doctrine and practice have complicated the relationship between Mormonism and Protestant Christianity. As both Latter-day Saints and Protestants move forward into the twenty-first century, they stand more ready than ever to engage in thoughtful dialogue and social collaboration.

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The lady at the end posed a wonderful question. How do we as Mormons build social connections when converting is our main objective? Rather that truly is our main objective or not, society views that as our objective. When ever we talk to somebody they have their guard up thinking we will try to convert them. I think they are right, we are taught to share the gospel. I don't think it is a tradeoff worth making.

The best chance of this happening is having a Mormon President.

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I suppose our greatest social connection is after people have been converted. What kind of social connection did Alma, Ammon and his brethren have with King Lamoni and all the Lamanites after their conversion? The Lamanites had a hatred for Nephites until the Nephites went and became their servants, though some endured greater trials. What a labor of love! And those Lamanites never again picked up a weapon and their joy was full!

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