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M. Russell Ballard (Sunday pm session)

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Everyone loses their way at some point and to some degree.

It is the atoning sacrifice of the Savior that can return us home.

During these times, much of the world has lost its way.

It is our homes and families that need reforming in this materialistic world.

In this worldwide church we know that when people make the family and religious commitments to gospel practices they do better spiritually and temporally.

When families work and play together, neighborhoods flourish and economies improve.

The most important cause in our lifetime is our families.

The church is a beacon to those that seek righteousness.

Those that get married in the temple, the divorce rate is significantly less than those in the rest of the world.

Life is better and much happier as hearts turn towards families and as families live in the gospel of Christ.

Put everything you do outside the home to subjection to what you do inside the home.

Organize personal lives to provide time for prayer and family activity. Teach children to work.

We need to do things in the right order. Marriage first and then family.

Husband and wives should be equal partners in marriage. Follow the Proclamation of the Family. No one owns a spouse or children.

Use the family resources of the church.

None of us will ever be so lost that we cannot find our way again through the atonement and Christ’s teachings.

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