Poem - Treasure


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A gift into my life he came

To light it up as naught before

And then he went, yet came again

But then, again, he left, once more

The kindness, love, and strength he brought

The depth of comfort to my soul

To rescue me in need, he sought

To ward against a treacherous shoal

He filled me up, though not in part

But filled a hole so wide and deep

That gave such safety to my heart

His offerings I could not help keep

To treasure up, to be my stay

And cling to when the hard days came

Though wide the distance, far away

Yet still I but could not refrain

To reach to him in dark of night

Though he had long since traveled on

So far beyond my touch and sight

And yet his strength was never gone

To still and comfort in my need

A pow'r from his own heart he gave

Yet nary did he know the seed

He planted in this darkened cave

A seed that sprung to life and grew

To succor this poor struggling waif

As water to a lifeless bird

To soothe, to heal, to make it safe

And still within the dark of night

When overtaken by the gloom

I search his words for kindness, light

And wisdom, from my darkened room

And from the gifts that his heart gave

I find such refuge once again

To grasp, to hold, to treasure, save

Just as I did when he first came

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