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Day of Defense movie/DVD - my review

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Okay, I just got this as my Father's Day present and watched it tonight.

I have to admit to being disappointed.

***Spoiler Alert***

(In case you actually wanted to see the movie and 'be suprised')

1) The bailiff talks about the case all over town. Once a trial is set, everyone who knows about it is to keep their trap shut. So there's error #1.

2) The entire town is presumably 'against' this trial because word spread and therefore, there was a tainted jury. This wouldn't have happened if the 1st error didn't occur.

3) You never get to see the official verdict of the trial. While this may be intentional, I thought it was disappointing that the missionaries were to still leave town.

4) No missionary would ever not be in contact with their mission president or missionary leaders by unplugging the phone. That was stupid.

5) If they're trying to serve the people and NOT proselytize, then why are they carrying their backpacks?

6) The SMIRK on that one Elder's face that continues to show up is just way too smug for my taste.

7) Why are missionaries riding in the back of pickup trucks without a seatbelt? Isn't that against the law in all states? (Maybe it's just a California thing.)

Bottom line: The movie should've resulted in a mistrial with all the issues they were plagued with in the legal system.

But perhaps that's what we should be led to believe and know about this trial?

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Thanks for the post.

I actually heard about this movie several years ago and thought it sounded interesting, but it wasn't out on DVD. I often enjoy low-budget LDS films, just because I appreciate the effort behind them, and they generally have a decent message.

I'm glad to know it's out on DVD now. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

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