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The wonderful thing about GeneaogyBank is that it has newspapers that no other site has (over 6,100 of them). And yes, you can search it for free - click on the "Historical Newspapers" section and then do your search. You'll see a slice of the paper where the name you're searching appears. That way you know if they have the newspaper article that you want before you sign-up.

And yes - it is a pay membership site - but the cost is nominal. They can't afford to put up over 1.2 billion records for free (only the Church can afford to do that :)

Give it a try - I love that site

PS: An earlier writer commented that it is a competitor to Ancestry. It isn't - you want to join that site too. As LDS we need the latest tools to efficiently get the work done - you'll want both of these sites. I use them every day to research and submit my family. You will too. It's a great day for genealogy.

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