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Quinton L. Cook - Saturday am session

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Those in the rising generation are better prepared for service as missionaries than ever before.

Church leaders have warned the people and taught repentance.

Two concerns:

Challenge of increased unrighteousness around the world.

Apathy amongst the members.

Constant violence in music and other media is unprecedented.

Moral deterioration has escalated.

Any who have made these choices can repent and be renewed.

If our commitment has diminished in any way, repentance is the solution.

If you are sick, you will listen to the doctor.

When you joined the church, you enlisted to serve God.

We must never forsake the Master.

The arms of mercy are extended to those who need to repent.

Are we prepared to meet God? Are we keeping ourselves blameless?

God will hold men responsible for every tear they cause their wives to shed.

We must not physically, emotionally or verbally abuse anyone else.

The family is the foundation of love and spirituality.

Prophets and apostles have for years taught the importance of gospel teachings in the home.

Parents must have the courage to say no to their children.

Love your Heavenly Father and sustain the leaders in the church.

The moral issues of today must be addressed in the family.

With true repentance you can qualify for all the blessings of heaven.

At baptism we promise to take up on the name of Jesus Christ.

Such a commitment requires courage.

For any whose lives are not in order, it is never too late to use the atonement.

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