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David A. Bednar - Sunday pm session

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Typically we treat the topics of testimony and conversion separately and independently.

A testimony is personal knowledge of spiritual truth obtained by revelation.

A testimony is a gift from God and is available to all of His children.

Any honest seeker of truth can obtain a testimony.

Testimony brings increased personal accountability.

This requires asking, seeking and knocking with a sincere heart and real intent.

Components of a testimony include knowing that Heavenly lives and loves us. That Jesus Christ is our Savior and that the fullness of the gospel has been restored in these latter days.

Conversion is an enlarging, a deepening and a broadening of the undergirding base of testimony.

Any honest seeker of truth can become converted by a changing of heart.

Conversion is an offering of self, of love and loyalty.

Conversion requires all of our heart, mind and strength.

The key characteristics associated with conversion:

1. Experiencing a mighty change in our hearts.

2. Having a disposition to do good continually.

3. Going forward in the path of duty.

4. Walking circumspectly before God keeping the commandments and serving with unweary diligence.

Conversion is an ongoing process.

Conversion requires persistence and patience.

Samuel the Lamanite’s 5 basic elements in becoming converted.

1. Believing in the teaching and prophecies in the holy prophets in the scriptures.

2. Exercising faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Repenting

4. Mighty change of heart.

5. Becoming firm and steadfast in the faith.

Strong testimony is the foundation on which conversion is established.

Setting aside selfishness, pride and disobedience requires more than just knowing.

A testimony is spiritual truth obtained by the spirit of the Holy Ghost.

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Guest LiterateParakeet

Thanks Pam! This was my favorite talk of the conference. When the written forms of the talks are posted, I will share a few favorite quotes with comments.

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