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They offered me the job on the spot! Whew. I'm packing up and leaving again this Saturday, so one more long road trip. I'm excited, and nervous, and sad, and happy all at once. This is going to be a big, sudden transition, but it's a better job than my current one and in a better location. Thanks everyone for all the good luck wishes and prayers. Everything's just been falling into place very smoothly with this, so it must be where the Lord wants me to be.

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Well, I'm about to head back to my apartment to finish packing and should be on the road again tomorrow. Hoping we all get there safely and things go smoothly. I'm not sure how long it will be before I have internet up and running again, but once I do I will check back here to let you guys know how things are going in Kentucky.

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I'm finally back on LDS.net!

We've been in Kentucky for almost two months now, and man has it been an interesting ride. My parents didn't get to move into their house right away and the apartment I had lined up fell-through, so we were all stuck living in a hotel room together for about three weeks. And I am currently living in my parents house while I try to get my own place. Rentals are extremely few and far between here, so I'm working on looking for a place to buy.... Yikes! First time even thinking about buying a home, but I qualify for a USDA Rural 100% finance loan and I can afford a decent 2-3 bedroom place, so it should be another month or so before I'm in my own place.

My parents had internet up in their place right before the holidays, but with all the excitement of moving, and the new job, and then family coming to visit, I kinda put coming back on here on the back burner.

So far though, I'm loving it here. :D We have a very small branch, but everyone is soooooo friendly and outgoing and helpful. My mom is being called as the Relief Society President tomorrow (shhh, I'm not supposed to know ;) ), and my name is in for a calling- I don't know what yet, just know they told her no when she requested me as a counselor because they already had something in mind for me.

My son is one of five other children in the nursery, my two brothers increasing the youth by 1/3 it's original size. We have no Elder missionaries, but the Sister missionaries and Senior missionaries have been over for dinner and to help out several times, along with the Branch President and some other members.

I was given a solo to sing in the Christmas program and ended up tearing up halfway through the last verse, but looking out at the pews about half the congregation had teared up with me and they all commented on how they felt the spirit, so I wasn't too embarrassed.

And I'm fitting right in at work, keeping busy and getting more and more responsibilities. They're already talking about the possibility of a raise in pay.

The town here is small, but not too small. We have a Walmart, but no local book store. I had to order the most recent release of my favorite book series online so I wouldn't waste an hours worth of gas just to drive to a place I could get it. There's someone with a few horses right up the street from us (within walking distance), and tons of farmers. Lots of wide open space, trees, green grass, dogs, deer, parks, etc. And we even got a bit of snow for Christmas.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in with an update now that things are starting to really feel settled, and I plan on getting on here occaisonally to bring my two-cents back to the discussions. I missed you guys!

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Congratulations on getting the job JudoMinja. Hope you are enjoying your new line of work.

I would not think about buying a house until you have at least six months worth of income plus at least an extra $5,000. I just bought a house not too long ago. My down payment and all the fees ended up running at least $5,000. I have a 30 year loan and hope to pay the house off early. I do also have six months worth of income saved up so I do not end up losing my house if something bad happens to my job.

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