I fear I've lost the best person in my life.

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I have just returned to the church after much time away living a inappropriate life mainly with the word of wisdom, and some chastity. I have returned to living the church standards and in the repentance process. During my time away I met the girl of my dreams she is what helped me return to the church. Sad to say we did break the law of chastity( not sex but touching). We are both planning on going on missions in 8 months or so, but now she wants us to just be friends and maybe start over dating when we return from our missions. This is the girl of my dreams and I truly love her, I dont know how else to say it besides that. She is upset about the things we did and suffers from extreme guilt, and questions if I truly love her, or if our relationship was built on the actions we did. I guess what I'm asking is what do I do I love this girl with all my heart and I hope to take her hand in marriage at the right time. I have been working my very hardest to develop self control so when we do spend time together it can be appropriate. What do I do to show her I love her for her, and with the starting over how do I start over. I cant just stop loving her she saved my life without her I would still be in a very dangerous world of drugs. Please help I can't afford to loose this amazing women! ps its a long distance relationship.

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Go on your mission and serve the Lord the best you can. leave the rest in His hands. it is hard, but your best chance for happiness with her or anyone is growing in your testimony and learning to make God the best and first person in your life.

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Show her you're the man of her dreams by trusting her word, serving The Lord without distractions or expectation of reward. Then come back with faith and hope that she will be receptive to your invitation to begin anew your relationship with her, just as she asked.

That's the man she said she's looking for, and thinks you can be. Go be that man with all sincerity and faithfulness.

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