Got invited to an egyptian christmas service


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A friend of my father is an immigrant from egypt and has invited me to a coptic orthodox christmas service. (They celebrate christmas on January 6th) I am very fascinated an interested and will be going tomorrow. They have strict rules like women must wear a veil, everyone must not wear their shoes in the church, and the men must stand on the right while the women stand on the left. I just want to go to experience a different culture of things and to experience this. Lots of incense will be used and I think a lot of Arabic will be spoken.

The service will be 3-4 hours! I have no interest in joining this church, but thought it was kind my fathers friend invited me. This should be an interesting experience!

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I think there will be a chance to learn about their culture and find slivers of the true gospel in their rituals. Sounds fascinating!

Just as I would be curious about the Masonic and Jewish traditions, this sound like a great opportunity to see how various aspects of the gospel have been carried on and taught for generations.

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