Recently was baptized


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Hello! I am a major SC2 fan so the Username "Cheesefails" goes along with SC2 if anybody was wondering.

Some of my background- I am 15 years old. I was recently baptized in August 2012 and I am the only member of the LDS church in my family.

I found out about tonight. Fortunately is a positive mormon website!

When I was searching all of the websites related to Mormonism there are some that encourage it and some that discourage it. I was wondering why there are so many websites devoted to take people away from Jesus Christ's Church. Any thoughts?

Well I plan to be active on this website

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The usual.







If you can name even ONE thing in life that doesn't get made fun of, derided, mocked... I'll buy you a donut. WITH custard filling.

From jocks to artists, mayonaise to beans, religion to politics, love to grief, grass to sand, torture to humanitarian projects ... Someone, somewhere will "hate" it, make fun of it, or try to convince others to.

The LDS church is no exception.

Congrats on your baptism!!!

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