Getting Sealed in the Laie Hawaii Temple, Need Tips.

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I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum... I'm new here, this is my very first post. My husband and I have been married for 1 year, and are ready to be sealed in the temple! We live in Arizona, and our families live in Utah and California. We want to make a big deal about this (obviously its a big deal) and invite our families to join us in Hawaii. But I have never been there before and don't know where we should stay. Does anyone have any tips on where to stay and what to do???

Thanks in advance for any responses :)

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I lived there for 3 years. Are you planning on renting a car? Everything is relatively close on Oahu. You can drive the entire island in about 3 hours. Even staying down in Waikiki you wouldn't have that far to drive. Of course "far" is subjective. :)

There aren't that many hotels out by Laie. A couple of resorts but those are big money.

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To answer your question more information is needed. The bigger question is what can you and your family afford and what do you want to do. If money is not a problem, any decent travel agent can set you up. If money is tight then we could make a few suggestions. The temple is on the other side from the tourist traps and not a lot of hotels so book early to assure a room. If you want to go cheap there is a campground with houses/cabins by the beach down the road from the temple. Nothing fancy but a nice beach and hawaiian style living. There is also a decent (super 8 style) motel next to the PCC which usually has decent prices also. Good if you go to the PCC night performance, saves a long trip over the pali like most tourist. While you are on that side of the island you'll want to go to the PCC which is in Laie and a part of BYU-Hawaii. For something extra special you might want to arrange ahead of time with the PCC for a family luau and experience. I would suggest staying in Laie the night before, go to the temple in the morning, and then the PCC (opens at 10 or 11am ends around 9-10pm) for the rest of the day staying in Laie that night. This would make for a much less stressful and enjoyable day. With some planning you could contact church members there via BYU/PCC/temple, they often will open their home to visiting families. Depends on what kind of experience you want. I've done the 5 star hotel route as well as the camping on the beach and everything in between. After you plan your day, decide what other hawaiian experiences you want, there are so many options. Personally I avoid the typical tourist spots and groups.

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