Blessing&Taking the Sacarement to a loved one

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My dear wife is currently in an inpatient rehab unit in a local hospital. As I was leaving on Saturday evening I was struck with a very strong impression to stop turn around and give her s blessing of comfort and strength. I dropped the cooler bag the leash for her service dog walked up to her laid my hands on her, shared with her some very sacred promises and words of blessing and encouragement from our father in heaven, we shared many tears of joy and love not many words after words. Once I returned home still filling inspired I called my Bishop to see If we could some how make arrangements to get the sacrament brought in for her. Well he approached me and suggested that my son and I go ahead and take it in for her today. After holding the priesthood for 30 plus years this was the 1st time I had the honor of administering the Lords sacrament in this type of setting and then for it to be with my son and for it be for my lovely spouse.

I can not but marvel at how the need was seen and how I was allowed to serve my family by exercising my priesthood. Our Heavenly indeed knows us looks out for us and provides for our needs. I am thankful I was sensitive enough to listen to the spirit and was able to serve my family. The last thing Kathy said to me tonight "Thank you for bringing me the sacrament."

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Guest LiterateParakeet

So sorry your wife is in the hospital. How beautiful the way you were prompted to help her though.

One of my most treasured "Sacrament" moments was one where I was in the hospital. I had had the Sacrament brought to me before, and they offered it to me (without blessing it because it had been blessed previously) this particular Sabbath, Easter, this wonderful young Priest surprised me by kneeling beside my bed and blessing the bread. I didn't expect that and I was overcome with the Spirit and a feeling that yes, the Savior was aware of me as an individual, that I matter to Him. All that was impressed upon me by the Spirit because this Priest knelt by my bedside. Wonderful.

I'm sure your wife felt loved and blessed because you brought her the Sacrament too. There is something so powerful and moving in that action.

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