What’s the last movie you watched?


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Rented 'End of Watch' and it was a bit too gritty for me. I got about 15 minutes into it and couldn't watch anymore. Plus, it was filmed all camera man style -- too shaky.

Watched 'Alex Cross' and that was much better. For a rental it wasn't bad.

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Tangled on DVD. I am missing my husband like crazy and I could've sworn Disney used my husband to make Flynn...

Prince & Me... Ok, I haven't seen this lately but I've been looking for it and couldn't find it. Same with Fassy's Jane Eyre. I'm on a hunt for mushy movies.

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Pacific Rim. Loved it.

Ok, it wasn't really a great movie... plot was like, hmmm, what in blazes is a drift? And the fight scenes... Del Toro had zero confidence that he can make Monsters and Robots fight in broad daylight look good, so he chickened out and held all the Monster and Robot scenes at night, with heavy downpour, or under water and you don't really get a good grasp of what's happening. He should've asked Michael Bay to help him out...

But, I grew up glued to the TV watching Voltes V so watching Pacific Rim was like a childhood obsession come to life in bold magnificence... Voltes V taking on Godzilla... I can't get enough of it!

And, it is soooo very refreshing to have leading male and female characters that don't end up kissing in their mushy moments. It was a bond that was pure synergy and very subdued sexuality that makes it all the sweeter for it. It's sooo... Voltes V. :)

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Watched World War Z last night and was on on the edge of my seat thru the whole movie. Very good, and very entertaining. I'm debating taking my kids to see that or Pacific Rim.

Tween boys? No contest... Godzilla versus Robots always win against Zombies. :D

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I just saw WWZ. I liked it quite a bit and even got a little misty eyed the end.

I know it's not high culture, but I really want to see Pacific Rim. I love those kinds of special effects.

Hey, did you guys know the wife in the movie is LDS? Small world. Info at her entry in IMDB.

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watched Jack the giant slayer.. I enjoyed it and it turned out to be quite a bit better than I was expecting.

Cool. I also saw that one recently and liked it more than I thought I would.

I understand The Lone Ranger has flopped pretty badly. Has anyone who has seen this care to share their opinion?

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