Elaine S. Dalton (Saturday am session)

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We are daughters of an exalted being.

As daughters of God, each of us are different in our experiences.

Each of us matter.

We are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us.

In a morally desensitizing world, young women need women and men as mentors who are examples of good.

We must all act well. The family proclamation is clear. Fathers are to preside over their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for nurturing their children. They do this as equal partners in a marriage.

We need to return to virtue. Virtue is the strength and power to daughters of God.

Women are an influence for good. They are making a difference because they are different.

She testified that we are led by a Prophet of God. Thomas S. Monson.

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I heard it, I would consider it more a rebuttal than a shout out, she was discussing the example of her mother who lived as a widow for 47 years. Sister Dalton shared that her mother "called down the powers of heaven" to bless her family by keeping her covenants and through the power of prayer. The part that struck me was this "She understood what it was to be a covenant keeper. She was never recognized by the world, she didn't want that." As one of the arguments of the Ordain Women group is that many women don't have the priesthood in their home and are thus denied blessings, I thought it was a specific example showing the fallacy of that argument, and subtle response that many of their arguments are prideful.

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Yes perhaps rebuttal is more appropriate. When I hear the phrase "shout out" I think of that in a positive way...like congratulating or giving credit to someone.

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