Craig A. Cardon (Saturday am session)

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The Son of Man forgives sins.

The Savior forgives sins upon earth and not just the final judgement.

When we obey His gospel he forgives us.

We see the power of the atonement.

This brings hope to all especially those with a recurring weakness and think beyond the Savior's saving.

The Lord knows our weaknesses.

It is only by virtue of His compassion that we can overcome the world.

The Savior wants to forgive.

This only comes through repentance.

There will be no forgiveness for blasphemy against the Holy Ghost.

In his mercy he allows for improvement over time and not immediate change.

The Lord will recognize our righteous efforts.

The Lord looks upon the desires of our hearts and our actions.

We should be equally willing to forgive ourselves and others.

Should we do less with our children and family members who have strayed from the path of righteousness?

We need to bear in mind that people can change.

We need to develop the capacity to not see men as they currently are but what they can become.

The Lord knows what we are facing. That we all sin.

The Lord demands us to repent.

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