Quentin L. Cook (Saturday pm session)

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Events often occur that rob us of our peace and heighten our sense of vulnerability.

In contemplating these events, I have been impressed with the doctrinal differences between universal or world peace and personal peace

Agency is essential to the Plan of Happiness.

This agency allows us all the pain and the suffering we experience in mortality. Even the choices we xperience made by others.

Prophets have declared that peace has indeed been taken from the world. Lucifer has not been bound and exercises his power.

Individual peace is the kind of peace that is achieved by righteousness.

The Savior's peace help to bind up our suffering.

The Savior's peace can blind out our hate.

We all long for peace. It comes from knowing that the Savior knows who we are.

God is not the author of confusion but the author of peace.

We knew in the premortal life that there would be challenges and pain. But we also knew that the atonement of Jesus Christ would bring us comfort and peace.

What is the source of peace?

The answer is the Savior who is the Prince of Peace.

We need to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

It is within the church that we are fellowshipped and nourished with the good word of God.

The covenants we make bring peace because they are promises we make with God.

The Savior is the source of true peace.

Righteous living will be rewarded with eternal peace.

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