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I'm in high school looking at colleges. I plan to apply to college and then defer for my mission, so I won't be a freshman until after my mission. Therefore, I want to pick a college that is full of single LDS girls for when I return. I know that the BYU schools are going to have the most obviously, but I'm also trying to factor in academics. (And yes I know, plenty of you are going to try to convince me that BYU has GREATTT academics). Well the point is I'm looking at schools besides BYU so please respect that decision unlike most of my peers. I've been looking at Ivy League schools and also UT Austin, but I am most intrigued with UT Austin.

From research I have gathered that there is a fairly large institute program in Austin and also 3 single wards. However, how many of these wards are specifically for UT Austin students or located closely to student housing? And although the institute program may be large, how many is full of already married women? Will there be a lot of single girls my age?

And lastly, although not least important (just joking don't need a lecture on this): are the LDS girls at UT Austin anywhere close to as attractive as they are in Provo (because there are some stunners at BYU-P).

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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I've debated answering this, because it seems to be opening up a can of worms, but I think a couple of things need said, and I'm going to try and remember that you are only in high school.

To me, this post was completely chauvinistic. You basically say that the primary quality you want in a school is one with a lot of single female members. You list academics as second on your qualities that you are looking for. First, if you are looking for social over academic, you're not going to be as focused on your classes, and may not do as well as you possibly could.

Secondly, there is the possibility that some of the girls who go may not actually be active/want to be active. As a people pleaser, I know I've done a lot of things just to make others happy, and that was, for a while, attending my old church.

Finally, my third issue with this post. Not all of us who are LDS, single, and female, can afford to go to a school in the heart of LDS country. You're bound to run into other members of the church, regardless of where you go to school. It seems you are limiting yourself, and selling those girls short simply because they aren't where you think they should be.

Let me give you an example. I left a branch of about 60, and now live in a ward of over 150. In my old branch we had a decent YSA program. we got together for firesides, tried to meet at least once a month at the home of the people who headed it up, and generally got along. There were between 5 and 15 of us most of the time for both activities and Institute.

Fast forward to now. The roster for the YSA's is over 100 of us. There is no YSA program, no reps called, no Institute. Out of the 100+ of us, only between one and two dozen of us actually attend meetings(and i know of at least two, maybe three, of us that are getting ready to leave for missions.)

I understand, you are in high school, and it's possible you've not had a lot of eye-opening experiences. Here's my advice. Let Heavenly Father do the leading as to what school you go to. It's even possible you won't meet your future wife while at college.

Let me know your thoughts. Sorry if this seems like a rant, I'm trying to keep it civilized.

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