Sick Thug Beats Up 101 Year Old Female

Dr T

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Do u really think they'd let him go?

I don't know, I'm just expressing my disillusionment with the legal system. Either the police will mess up evidence or be too brutal (that's funny) or the jails will be too full, or he's depraved because he was deprived. Seems like there's always something. Especially if it's high profile and he gets a hot-shot lawyer.
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Thank you Rosewood,

Do you think he would be more likely to get off if he had a lot of money or does SES not play a role?

Are you talking about the Senior Executive Service? I don't know about that.

What I meant was if it turns High profile and he gets a lot of organizations with $ on his band wagon like Jesse Jackson, or NAACP. That sort of thing. If there's enough media, someone will latch on to it. It might even become a political issue. This is the yr for it.

I don't have TV and get pretty poor radio reception, so I miss a lot of hype. Thats usually a good thing! ^_^

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I'm sorry. S.E.S. is socioeconomic status (income, power, education, social status in the community).

OK. Yes, I think it does. Don't you? Anything they can use or make an issue of. You know how lawyers are. (No offense to my sister-in-law.) I think thats why it seems like such a big tragedy to me. It's not that it happened or even that there are evil people in the world. It's because it's just so hard to find justice in the law. I gues that's why Christ is called the HOPE of Israel.
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Yes, I do think it plays a huge role. Money and power in the community provides a lot of sway on many things. Not always, but it has swayed decisions, it sways the social climate, etc. I was just wondering. Justice is hard to mete out sometimes though (on either side)

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Guest Yediyd

I saw the news clip this last weekend. This guy is huge and was preying on this old lady.

I am sure when he is found it will not be a pretty picture. I hope no one has a video camera on the officers when they find who he is. I am sure he will resist arrest.

Ben Raines

I love it when scumbags "resist" arrest!!!!

We don't know what he's gone through to make him do things like that. I'm sure God would want us to forgive him. Surely he's sorry and has repented. ;)

(Sorry, in quite a sarcastic mood today.)

You are right, of course...Shanstress...and let us not forget that Hittler's mommy didn't hug him enough. :glare:
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