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David Whitmer

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I was talking to my father on the phone about the LDS faith, before I joined the church, about how big the religion is out here (Utah/Idaho) compared to most other states. Let me start off by stating that he is OBSESSED with genealogy. He was telling me about how he was talking to an LDS man (not sure of the circumstances, but I am fairly certain it was not missions work) and they started talking about genealogy. My father went on with his family line and eventually got to the Whitmer family in this conversation. The LDS man my father was talking to said "Wait... Whitmer, as in David Whitmer?" To which my father replied, "Well, yeah... How'd you know?" The man then explained to my father the role which David Whitmer, and his family, played in their testimony of the golden plates, being witnesses to them. I was curious as to why my family was no longer involved with the LDS church, so I decided to investigate. I've been harping my dad for his genealogy records so I can do some of my own research and do some baptisms for the dead.

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