Accepting that father is dying...


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Ulder actually I can really relate to this. My father had Alzheimers and we knew all along eventually he would die from it. My parents worked all of their lives and were really hoping to be able to do some traveling and such when they retired but it never happened. My father passed away 4 years ago.

So I understand how difficult it is to see the once strong father deteriorating right before your eyes. It's heart breaking.

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A lot of us can relate to this. My dad died of cancer. We knew for nearly a year before hand the cancer was terminal.

The easiest thing for me is to just know he is not gone from existence. We will miss him for now but it is not forever. There comes a point when it is time. None of us knows how we will react in the immediacy of passing before hand. We just have to trust in God that death is ok.

My dad was close to your dads age. My mom had just retired that year. They had planned for their retirement but they never got a chance to enjoy it together. The thing is this. They got to spend their life together. They will get to spend eternity together. Whats a few years here and there? I am certain that where he is now, he is busy and enjoying his work, waiting for us all to catch up with him. I know he is enjoying it more than he enjoyed the cancer.

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