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Randy D. Funk - Priesthood Session

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Randy D. Funk - Priesthood Session

How will you receive spiritual power as a missionary to open doors in the mission you will serve?

The answers are in the scriptures and by the words of living apostles and prophets.

Wherever you are sent or whatever mission you are assigned, remember that it was called by revelation and prophecy.

In order to open the doors to the Kingdom of God in whatever nation you serve, you must be humble to receive the spirit.

The spirit is essential.

The process to become whole begins with a contrite heart.

As we repent and become contrite, we have much more to offer the Savior.

If you have need to repent, please do so immediately.

The healing power of the atonement will bring peace to your soul.

How great is His joy in the soul that repenteth.

Some may feel that they have limited talents or capabilities to serve.

Heavenly Father will magnify your humble and obedient efforts.

Doors and hearts open daily to the gospel message.

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