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Did you download the LDS library app first?  

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  1. 1. Did you download the LDS library app first?

    • Yes, the first thing
    • It was one of the first things
    • No, I downloaded it later
    • Havent' yet
    • I have no smart phone

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Yesterday, after nearly 3 years, I bought a smartphone*

*Free upgrade.

I was very excited about the apps... yet the only thing I could think to download first was the Gospel Library. The people I brought it up with who were LDS... most of them also confess that was the first thing they downloaded upon a new smartphone.

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at least it isn't candy crush - my cheapy back up phone (basic phone for calls and texting if I run out of credit on my smart phone - cheaper tariff!) has a version of bejewelled on it - and I do have the app on my tablet - I could get caught up on it - if I could use netflix at the same time I would play it more than I currently do

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I have a flip phone. No texting and easy to use, and butt dial resistant. My employer has me use a Blackberry for work. Now I have a smart alarm clock and a nite lite too.

I bought a 'used' nook color and loaded some productivity apps but one of the first was the church library and it's by far the most used app on my nook.


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I can't remember what I downloaded to my Nook first, LDS Tools or Gospel Library. But I know both get heavily used. I currently serve as the Ward Clerk and the features I have access to on LDS tools because of my calling help simplify life for me.

Who knows before long I may even be released because the Bishop will realize that the app does half of my calling already. :rolleyes::cool:

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