An invitation to all LDS poets


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Pam has kindly opened a new section for anyone who would like to post poetry to the forum. Its aim is to invite all those who enjoy poetry to submit traditional and free form poems for reading, for comments and constructive critique, grammar, to exchange thoughts and ideas, to help and teach one another about the craft of poetry, to place notices about competitions and publishing opportunities etc. In short, anything and everything to do with poetry. So why not get involved; get writing and get posting.

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I've only written one poem in my life. When I was 11 years old. I can still recite it and I was pretty proud of that poem as an 11 year old. hahaha

Why not share it with us. It might set you off on a new path of discovery. Creating poetry is a divine attribute. The Book of Psalms is rich in free verse poetry, all divinely written, a gift from heaven.

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