February 3, 2014 - Satan is a liar


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Do not misunderstand. Repentance is not easy or painless or convenient. It is a bitter cup from Hell. But only Satan, who dwells there, would have you think that a necessary and required acknowledgment is more distasteful than permanent residence. Only he would say, “You can’t change. You won’t change. It’s too long and too hard to change. Give up. Give in. Don’t repent. You are just the way you are.” That, my friends, is a lie born of desperation. Don’t fall for it.

Jeffery R. Holland


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When I consider hearing over the past year how I cannot change, that I should find happiness in sin, commit sins and create pain in the world and in my community for temporary highs and temporary false happiness, that becoming someone else is just too much work and not possible, to just give up, how can I not see that this is the talk of Satan?  These are lies and falsehoods.


And when I hear that voice telling me to better myself, to create joy and happiness in all around me and the reflection of that will bring me true everlasting happiness, permanent satisfaction, but it is hard work and a long journey, with many trials, but to never give up, and that I will have much support in this, how can I not see that this is a message from our Heavenly Father?  These are truths and genuine.


Why should life be easy if life is going to be rewarding?

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