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A couple of years ago I started masturbating, not really knowing what i was doing until I wanted to know what the church thoughts were about it. I read that it was a sin I stopped immediately and prayed for days to be okay with God. I haven't done anything in a year, so I've realized I am not an addict which is good. I haven't thought about going back and a feel fine. I haven't spoken to anyone about it and I really don't want too because I'm not having an addiction like most forums and threads say. I'm just really confused about what I should do because I feel like God has forgiven me but everyone's response is usually go speak to your bishop or something and I really can't do that. I'm the most socially awkward person and if I speak about that past of me I will start bawling because I didn't even know it was wrong. So please can someone help me find out what I should do. By the way I am a mia maid age 14 thank you for reading and help me because I feel alone in this.

Also I cant tell my Bishop because I don't trust it will be kept secret. Everything that happens in my ward spreads like wildfire even though I barley know anyone at my ward.

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