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Dr T

I wonder...

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When it comes to the concept of the soul wonder:

-what is the soul?

-is it just a something in our mind?

-where is it in our body?

-is the soul and spirit the same?

-why can't the soul die? Or can it?

-when God breathed in the soul, what did that mean?

-how is it immortal?

-what would it look like?

-is it consciousness?

There is more needed on this...

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I wonder what God was thinking with the platypus.

Can only imagine how that went down...
"Okay, so take this down... for this thing I took the body of a beaver, the face of a duck and the hands and feet of an otter and presto, we got this!"

"Um...anything else?"
"Yes! It's claws are poisonous!"
"Okay...anything else?"

"It lays eggs!"



"God created what?!

"I know, I know its strange, but I didn't question him about the dinosaurs, faeries, that inappropriate mushroom, and fainting goats...this'll just have to be I guess..."

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I wonder why the last pisatchio nut is never cracked even a tiny bit.


I wonder why the last pumpkin seed is always burnt.


I wonder if DrT like Maleficent.... I know I did!


I wonder who went to see Edge of Tomorrow. Loved it!

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My children slept in the back of a  pickup truck last night in sleeping bags on top of other blankets for cushoning and where we live we see an amazing night sky.  I wonder...


All suns are stars right?  or would that be all stars are suns?  Our sun is a star like all suns are stars so I wonder why we don't call all the other stars suns?

I wonder if my second born was to say, "Daddy, we saw a lot of suns last night!"  Or "We slept under the suns last night" I wonder if that would be wrong? right?  


I wonder what makes a sun a sun?

I wonder if there are any stars that do not qualify to be sun?

I wonder if it requires something to orbit it to make it a sun?

Considering Pluto is no longer a planet I wonder if a gases body like a star to be considered a star, I wonder what the prerequisites involved would need to be considered?     

I don't remember but the millions of tons of hydrogen being burned off each second to give us our needed heat and all the nuclear fusion needed to sustain our life on Earth I wonder how many years it would take for anything to change on the earth because of the heat of the sun?  Like when it becomes a red giant (or whatever it morphs into) for example?

I wonder how long it would take to use up ALL the energy and burn out?

I wonder why we can't just use energy from nuclear fusion like the sun to power everything.  That should be a piece of cake I'll get started on it right now.... wait, not now I'm busy but if one of you would like to do that for me I'd appreciate it.  :)  

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I wonder if DrT tried to break my brain with his wonderings.


I wonder if Zippy knows that ants don't cross the road because chickens do...and chickens eat ants, therefore the ants never make it across the road. (I just made that up). LOL


I wonder if everyone had a great Church service like we did today. Hope so!

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I wonder if the roads are really big fences that keep the ants in an area. :lol: I am not wondering about the ones that get eaten by the chickens or the ones that use the trees that fall out of the woods and on to the roads as bridges. :D  :lol:

Dr T once said " I wonder what will come from my being here". I wonder if he knows some times topics like this are needed to provide the wonder in our lives. :)

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I wonder…


When I was younger I wondered "what is at the bottom of a black hole?"

After I learned black holes are not really holes but just something that pulls everything into it like the light and everything so it is just dark and crushes everything into an infinite singularity.  I wonder what would that look like at the singularity?  

I wonder why some people think it is a warm hole that goes to somewhere else or a different time dimension? 

Since light is the fasting thing I wonder how the gravity and it's pulling  so powerfully to pull the light in.  I wonder if that means gravity is faster than light or is it just the bending on light that give the illusion that it is pulling it in?  

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