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I wonder about my eyes being closed:

What visual perceptions do I have when I close my eyes for the night?

Do I see anything but darkness?

Do I see black, true black or is there any hints of color without pushing on my eyelids just with my eyes closed?

What does my brain do with the darkness?

Why don't I get bored looking at nothing all night long?  (It seems to be that there must be something going on)

What happens before I dream?

Do we "turn off attention" in the darkness?  

Do we percieve it at all?

Do all people have the same or different experiences with their eyes closed?


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I wonder if vultures eat dead skunks?  

I wonder if the skunks just emit a horrible smell to fend off threats?

If we run over a skunk does all the "stinkiness" sink into the rest of the meat?

I wonder if stinkyness or stinkiness  is the way to spell a word that isn't a real word?  

I wonder if any of you were actually trying to spell it "the right way"?   ;)

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