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Must see Fathers Day tribute written by a 17 yr old LDS girl. In a world that says father’s aren’t

important and even celebrities that go to sperm banks cause they don’t need a father

for their baby or even see the need for a husband, this song proves them all wrong.

Please share this video with the father's in your life!

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I always saw Father's Day as something only for my Father, I only have one, if I had 2, or 3 or 10 like Faeries do, then that'd be different but I just get gifts for one.
My dad is cool, though hard to shop for, not as hard as I am (that would be an awkward father's day-if I had kids "my daddy wanted a doll corset").


Not sure what to get my dad this year, usually defaults to a nice lighter. Maybe have his name engraved on it

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My father passed away a year and 2 days ago.  How much I miss him.


My uncle wrote an article for a magazine highlighting all the accomplishments of my dad's progeny as a tribute for his death anniversary and it is quite impressive.  I can truly see the impact of my dad's teachings on all his children and grand children... including my brother's family who barely spoke to him.  We are who we are because of my father.


This is my favorite daddy song:

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My wife gave me Father's Day gifts early..... New suit jacket and slacks.


When I first read this I thought it said new suit jacket and snacks.


I thought how nice...she got you snacks.

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