How to be a missionary?


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How are you a missionary in your daily life?


After reading this article  >>      


Has it sparked any interest in being a little different?

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I think the phrase "any publicity is good publicity" can fit here. I saw an article in my city's free paper about when the Book of Mormon play came and they inverviewed some Mormons about their thoughts about it.

And while it may be inaccurate people do get curious what Mormons are really about since, alot of people have no real clue what they are about.

Prior to my reading all I knew was "they don't drink coffee and come to my door" that was literally it.

Heck I investigated after seeing the South Park episode. I've seen ads the church made which go like "You've been the play now read the book" and "The Book is always better".

I went into it expecting something weird and crazy and found something rather beautiful (for art, for personal spirituality), I can't be the only one can I?

In this day and age I think taking a more unorthadox approach is a good thing, people talk about that, and word gets around often without that person sometimes even realizing it!

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The ways my wife and I are missionaries .....We have a Family Mission Plan. It's a basic and simple plan. We have read Preach My Gospel. We try to fellowship less actives and part member families. Try to be their friend. When we don't see members at church that should be there we will call them or send them a card and let them know we miss them. When someone attends that hasn't been there in awhile we send them a card and let them know how awesome it was to see them at church. We do have a goal of how many Books of Mormon we want to give away. We have some other things on there as well. We will leave pass along cards with our tip when we go out to dinner.

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