Does anyone have a calling that secretly appeals to you and that you would say yes to without having to ponder?


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Guest Kathleen O'Meal

I am Stake Preparedness Leader.  In my Stake, my Stake President is in charge of any activities I hold, which means there are none.  However, I have been given free rein to influence and love others.  I have grown in both of these endeavors over the past few years.  My Stake Preparedness calling has helped me influence my non LDS group towards better fulfillment of preparedness goals.  My Stake President mentioned in Stake meeting that i had been successful in turning him around. 


I have learned that most everything is about preparedness in one respect or another....the most prepared of all is our Father in Heaven.


I think it is wise that we all think about catching the vision that what we are preparing for is transition into another life, a life in a different, more refined place.


I think we should all live as if the disasters in life had already happened.


We need to live as if right now.  This is a great teacher and will round us out some.

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I really enjoyed being the nursery leader, along with my husband.

I've also enjoyed being the ward chorister, and I think that is secretly what I'm hoping for when I get a calling again.

I think I'd like to be a ward missionary, too.

What I DON'T want at this time is any Primary or Youth related callings. I don't know why I feel that way right now. I think maybe it's because I don't think I can relate.

Having said that though, I would still accept whatever calling I was offered, wherever it might be. If it wasn't something I wanted, I'd just have to spend more time in prayer, asking for help in changing my feelings.

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Maybe I should ask if I can add Stake Firearms Instructor to my current calling...


Kathleen that is too bad.  I pretty much have been turned loose to do what I want, although I run everything by the SP first.  I wonder what he would do if I asked to add the above to my calling...

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I teach in RS, the conference talks. Great, great calling. I have a month to prepare...but week 1 I am frequently baffled as to how to present the material and often week 2 as well. The new guidelines call for class participation so this can be tricky. This calling requires a lot of prayer - good for me to learn to humbly ask for help!

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Guest LiterateParakeet

For me it's any calling teaching teens or adults.  I'm not really good with children :(.    I've taught teens in YW's and Sunday School, I've taught RS and also primary.  I currently teach the Gospel Essentials it!  So I would really like to give Gospel Doctrine a try...  

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Speaking of RS presidents, there is a joke about RS presidents that I've never understood:


Q. How many RS presidents does it take to change a light bulb?

A. None... that bulb wouldn't dare burn out.


This joke puzzles me.  All the RS presidents I've known (and I interact with them only slightly) have been gracious and charming, not the drill sergeants in drag that this joke sets as a stereotype.  I wonder where this joke originated and whether it ridicules anything real.

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Yes ... & ... No


There are many callings I would love to have or have had & loved ... there are also I hated &/or dread.  Mostly, of those I have loved, it was those whom I served with that enabled me to do that calling that made the calling one that I loved, something as simple as changing a single player also changed the calling experience.


My current calling almost drove me away from the church initially.  I hated it!  I dreaded anything related to church.  Change 2 key players & things began improving.  A big shake up & I must say that this is the greatest calling I have ever had & likely ever will have!

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