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I"ve enjoyed all the zelda games or bits of zelda games i've played. However the only nintendo system i've owned is the virtual boy so I dont get to play zelda stuff often... i've probably played the smash bros link/zelda characters more than any of the actual zelda games lol.

havent seen any modesty issues with zelda, or intense gore.
there is the kind of animated cartoony violence you get with the more arcade styles of play... there might be various themes that are lightly alluded to.

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Hmm, well I own Twilight princess but I am concerned about those fish people in the lake. They sorta look....I don't know. Lol. :huh: I'm pretty sensitive to suggestive content in video games, would you guys say this game isn't anything to worry about?

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if you find something questionable, best route is probably not to pick it up.

just about everything that is in popular media if you pick it apart will have themes or something that is troubling or not conductive to the spirit.

As for the fish people that probably depends on how you intrepret it. I don't think its suggestive any more than i think  that the creature from the black lagoon is....... but on the other hand there are certainly people who do.

your more likely to find the way that fans take something and then render it in an art style certainly can cross the line... but for the ingame shots i've seen, it doesn't seem to be explicit in anyway for you general anthropoid nonhuman

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It's sad what has happened to RPG's. I love RPGs, but seems like their content is just terrible these days. I miss the days of chrono trigger, a link to the past, secret of mana, and illusion of gia. Yeah. I'm a bit snes nostalgic I guess.

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ESRB cites Fantasy Violence and Animated Blood as a reason it got a T (teen) rating.

That might be the worst content rating a Zelda game has ever gotten.

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Honestly, I think Ocarina of Time should've gotten a higher content rating than it got.  When it first came out I beleive it was rated E. I guess Twilight Princess is a paper weight now. :( I also play all my video games with my older sister, so I kinda gotta look out for her too. (She thinks that game is fine.)

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I really really want to try this game, journey makes me sad that its only for ps3

an interesting RPG i've played recently is

if you dont mind being monsters fighting knights and other fantasy beings.

machinarium has been an interesting game as well. more of one of those point and click adventures that has a little puzzle at every scene.

if you like tower defense stuff, I'd highly recommend the gemcraft flash game series found at

the lucasfilm adventure games are usually pretty darn clean and have good humor.

the rayman series seems pretty good. i've enjoyed the one that was released for xbox 360 a while back.

N! or Way of the Ninja is real fun.... altho dying can be a bit bloody at the pixel level (your characters are stickmen).

The Loderunner series is real good and hearkens all the way back to the commodore 64 and atari days. so far my favorite of the series has been Loderunner II the legend returns. the suckiest of the series has been Loderunner 3d.

Battleblock theatre has been fun but it does have a bit of scatological humor in it.  Primarily a "Cooperative" sidescroller where you are trying to get through maze/puzzle levels for the heck of it... the entertainment mainly comes from being able to solve the level..... or "accidently" doing something that hoses your partner.

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A few of my faves that are appropriate:

Super Smash Bros 3ds: Clean except for zero suit samus (not very modest) and an undmodest assist trophy. Pretty easy to avoid these two.

Junk Jack X: It's 2D minecraft on the iphone. Super addictive and fun. Feels completely unique as well.

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Very clean, no problems at all. Fun to make your own town

Mario Kart: Any really. Great fun, always clean

Pokemon: Clean, lots of fun. Endless possibilities with teams



the rayman series seems pretty good. i've enjoyed the one that was released for xbox 360 a while back.


Rayman Legends was fantastic. I have it and played it on the Wii U. Just don't play as the Barbara characters though. They aren't appropriate. Very easy to avoid however.



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I've been following along here, trying to think of 100% everything is hunky dory in a game, and, honestly, you're really only looking at Super Mario Brothers and (I think, someone can set me straight if I'm wrong) it's spin offs (ie. Super Mario Kart).  Games are becoming more and more an art form, meaning the makers are, increasingly, artists, and artists want to say something about the world around them, or they want to push boundaries in some way.  We see this in action games with more and more realistic violence (I'm thinking Dark Souls right now, because that's what I've been playing).  We see it in RPGs with more and more "adult" themes, such as the scantily dressed individual you guys were talking about in the Zelda game (I don't play Zelda games, so I don't know who it was, or what the questionable material was).


I guess what I'm driving at is that you have to make a choice when it comes to entertainment:  What is acceptable to me, and what is not?  And this will vary between people.  A great example of this the book Les Mis, which has been made into stirring plays and movies.  Is it clean?  Meh, not super.  It has prostitution, violence, and child abuse.  I've also heard President Monson say it's one of his favorite stories, because it shows many of life's realities while showing the importance of kindness and mercy.  So, is it okay to watch Les Mis?  I wouldn't even put Pres. Monson's comments into the equation, because, for him, it's good, but it might not be for some of the rest of us.


To the OP, go ahead take the list here and look into stuff to see if it seems like something that would be appropriate for you.  It's good you're concerned, as what we put into our minds has a great impact on what we become, but know that what is 'appropriate' for one person, might not be for another.  If you're as sensitive to 'inappropriate' stuff in games, you'll likely not play a ton of games... which, arguably, could be a good thing.  :)

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Faster Than Light

World of Goo

The Incredible Machine

Ecco the dolphin series

Hack/NetHack if you really want to go oldschool RPG

Marble Blast

Penguin Arena is fun for multiplayer - the goal is to knock off opposing penguins from an iceburg.

Another World/ Out of this World


GL Tron, Armegatron - very simple addictive 3d games inspired from the lightcycle arena scene in the original Tron movie.


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