Is it possible to seal yourself to unbiological family as family?


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*First of all i don't know how to change the name of the thread, i realise it could have been worded better :lol:*



I have wondered about this on someone elses behalf for a while. This is not my situation, but when i were asked i did not know how to answer it.


She married a few years ago and her husband has three children. His ex wife is not an active part in the childrens life, other than rare visits in between months and contact via. email/skype/facebook. In effect of the mother of those three children not being there, she has become the motherly figure that takes care of them every day. It has been a struggle for her to adapt to this role of being in between, but as for taking care of the children and handling it, she has done a lot better than she gives herself credit.


Anyhow, the question she asked me one day were about temple sealings. Their biological mother is not happy about the religion, and initially did not even want the children to attend church. They do attend every sunday now and has worked that out. Still she does not agree with the religion though and lives her life very differently, so it is doubtful that she would agree to anything with regards to sealings and such.


Is it completely impossible for those three children, their father and their not biological mother to become sealed together? Also.. is it possible for two women in a situation like this to be sealed to children or would it have to just be one? Mind you not in a situation of polygamy, that is not something anyone here is interested in.


If someone has thoughts on this they would be greatly appreciated.

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As far as I understand, the only way children can be sealed to a non-biological parent is if they are legally adopted by the non-biological parent.

Again, as far as I understand children can only be sealed to one living father and one living mother.

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Not until the Millennium.


In the here-and-now, it isn't as important to be sealed as the child of a particular individual, as it is that you be sealed as a child of someone in order to take a place in the patriarchal order and become an heir to the Abrahamic covenant.


In the kids' case, barring adoption, they will need to wait until bio mom is dead and then be sealed to her by proxy.  If, in the long run, they should actually be sealed to someone else; that will be addressed at an appropriate time.

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Here is a little more about sealings (what I understand about them. I could be wrong):

A sealing is not unconditional and permanent. It is contingent upon faithfulness. Many people believe that a sealing permanently binds parents to children and children to parents. This is not the case. For example, if a mother and father are sealed to their children and someone (father, mother, or child) loses faith and rejects the Gospel, the said person has forfeited their rights to the sealing powers. The worthy members of the family still have all the rights and powers of the sealing, but they will not spend eternity with an unrepentant family member. It cannot be. The sealing powers cannot "poof" an unfaithful person into exaltation. No unclean thing can dwell with God.

Sealings can get complicated. There are times when we must have faith wait for judgement day for things to get sorted out.

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