One of those life moments where the universe is telling me something...


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So this morning I bought an energy drink and stuck it in my purse. At about first recess (I teach second grade), I noticed my purse was soaked. Somehow the unopened energy drink leaked everywhere. My daughter has a tendency to yank everything out of my wallet so things aren't necessarily protected...


What does it mean (besides the obvious) when the only thing soaked by an energy drink in my purse is my temple recommend?

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perhaps or perhaps not- it depends on the person. the fact that backroads is pondering that it was something more than mere coincidence would lend credence to me that there might be a more to it than absolute coincidence. (that and we are to acknowldege God's hand in all things, and i believe God tries to communicate to us throgh means that we'd accept and would most likely motivate us to act).

whil not being a seer, i could guess that it could mean a couple things- go to the temple, cut back on the caffiene and or artificial sugar (new research just came out that heavily suggest that artificial sugars have a big hand in causing certain types of diabetes), or perhaps something else in your life that I am not aware of. If i was in Backroads shoes I'd be taking it as a sign to do more to be temple worthy and probably having to cut back on caffiene.

If in the end this causes you to be more righteous then i would def say it was the work of God.

Might i share a part of a new convert's experience- he had recently recieved the book of mormon from the missionaries and had kept it in his briefcase that he took with him in all his business. One time coming home it had been raining and somehow his csae came open and dumped the contents out on the sidewalk and in a large puddle. according to him and his wife the Book of mormon was the first thing out of the case and ended up splayed faced down in the puddlewith everything else on top of it and around it, and that when they got to thte book of mormon and pulled it out, it was both clean and completely dry and everything else was soaked and muddy. The convert came from a catholic background, and his wife was a practicing Catholic both of them took it as a sign and were really amazed by it more so his wife.

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I think it may, or may not have meaning. It depends on if you think this is one way in which heavenly father might try and tell you something.

I'm fine with drinking energy drinks every now and then. Drinking it daily or in massive amounts, even if caffeine + other additives are relatively safe there are studies that indicate over time they can still have an effect on our health.

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