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Boyd K. Packer - Saturday a.m. session

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There are many references throughout the standard works that proclaim the divine role of Jesus Christ.


We may not live perfect lives and there are penalities for our mistakes, but before we came to this earth we agreed to accept the penalities.


The Savior brought the atonement which provides a way for us to become clean.


He bore all with great humility with an eternal understanding of His role.


“Had he not accomplished the atonement there would be no redemption.”


“His mercy is the mighty healer even to the wounded innocent.”


The guilt that accompanies mistakes can be washed away.


We have over 3,000 stakes.


The gospel will eventually fill the whole earth.


We need the strength and conviction that is found in the heart of every disciple of Christ.


Jesus Christ is the source of that hope.


We need to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to men, women, children.  Those of every race and nationality.  The rich and the poor.


We need to seek out those who have strayed and assist them to return to the fold.


“Each member of the church is a critical element to the body of the church.”


The body is not one member but many.


We need each and every one of us if we are going to succeed in the work.


“As we move into the future with quiet confidence His spirit will be with us.”


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