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How could I have forgotten? Big news.

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Wow, 37! At that age, I was packing 2 school lunches... Congrats!!!

Me too, I was packing his, even though he had started high school (I didn't approve of the bottom of the barrel, US Dept of Ag feed the kids garbage' lunch at school, so I made his lunch every day until he graduated. I did let him enjoy Pizza Fridays. 


He says he wants children, but I wonder if he will be too set in his ways not to deal with the commotion and mess with a heavy hand.


It took him a while to find his purpose. I think that, though he always worked, he couldn't see himself supporting a family and doing what he wanted on the little money he was making. Once he started to see a career path, he became more open to marriage. 

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My little boy, my 37 yr old pumpkin, is engaged!  I think they will get married at the end of next term.


They've been dating 2 years, she's a doctoral student as well - in education statistics, for crying out loud. Petite (former gymnast), a blond Swede to match my son's 20% Finnish background (we got tested).


She actually came with me to a church activity. I'd say the two of them are what I understand to be 'dry Mormons.' They like a lot about the Mormon lifestyle, but aren't ready to make the commitment, but culturally, at least, there's a meeting of the minds on modesty, family night, preparedness, homeschooling, the role of the father in the family, etc., which is good. Actually, other than homeschooling, this is pretty much how we lived before I converted. I'm glad he wants to repeat it in his own family, whether he's in the Church or not. 


She's 28 and ready to have babies (her words), so, perhaps I'll be a nana before they put me in the assisted living facility.

Wow Congrats!!

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