Looking for Book(s) on Spiritual Gifts (Psychic Abilities)


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I'm looking for a book recommendation (preferably written from an LDS perspective) on spiritual gifts which the secular world ignorantly calls psychic abilities, that explains and contrasts the differences and similarities between these two areas of spiritual understandings.


Here's my take: I think God has given many people spiritual gifts, but they don't always understand how to use them, or that they are given to us for our collective improvement as it pertains to our individual life's mission's and the gospel plan.  The veil can be thin for many people, and with each of these diverse set of "abilities", the world often gets confused, or in some cases deceived (as we know can happen).


Rather than taking a dogmatic approach that only spiritual gifts are found "in the gospel umbrella" (which I don't think is the case), and that the only place to learn about such things are in the scriptures..Id like to think an LDS author has discussed this subject in a properly authored book.


I'm not looking to start a debate on this thread, rather, what sort of book(s) you might recommend on this subject.  (The BofM and NT are already books in my possession  ;)  ).

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Here is what i found by searching "spiritual gifts" at Deseret Book.  http://deseretbook.com/Receiving-Gifts-Spirit-Matthew-B-Brown/i/5042176


Looks pretty good.  I'll have to give a read some time.  Spiritual gifts is a topic i've always had a great interest in.

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