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Peace, my heart of hearts

Cease this fleeting quiver

O'er paths we soon depart

Dark is the way and I shiver


Peace, my troubled mind

Unseemly thoughts rebel

O'er paths we leave behind

Where I wind up, who can tell?


Peace, my grieving soul

Let fall this sorrowful, damning pain

O'er paths with no more tolls

Let me not, by bitterness, be stained


Peace, my weeping eyes

Let not one more drop be shed

O'er paths with no more ties

Better life by far than dead.


Peace, peace, beloved spirit

Chase me not from sacred sites

O'er wondrous paths, let me share it

Lit by love and inner light.


Peace, peace, peace.

I yearn for it's sweet return

O'er lingering doubts, I must cease

And take the bend 'round the next turn.


-Aeglyn circa 1990s

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