Titles Are Meaningless to Me


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Titles to me are meaningless


My "Mother" raped me

My "Grandmother" raped me


I don't trust titles

I don't trust who you say you are


Bishop, Stake President, Wife, Police Man, Doctor...


Titles are meaningless to me


I trust the Spirit

The Spirit is not a title, He is a being

He doesn't say, He confirms

He doesn't just say, He validates, He demonstrates


I trust the Spirit

And if you have got the Spirit in you

I will trust you


and what you say.

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Titles are certainly contentious in Australia at the moment. In 2014 our current Prime Minister re-instituted the title of Knights and Dames which a previous Prime Minister abandoned back in the mid 1970's. On Australia Day 2015 (January 26) he awarded the title of Knight to Prince Philip, the husband of the Queen of England, Canada and Australia, (and other places). The Prime Minister has been widely mocked and ridiculed for this decision, by his friends and enemies alike. The poor political judgement shown by this decision has become one of the many reasons why many of the backbench members of parliament have now started murmuring about replacing him. 

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Guest LiterateParakeet

I didn't realize at first this post is in the Poetry forum . . .  oops.  :)


I love it.  I also have trouble with authority figures.  I like your emphasis on the Holy Ghost...an Authority Figure we can trust.

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