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I'm a short girl (5"24 or 1.60 meters) and my old 100% cotton garments are worn out after 4 years of use ( I bought them on the day I took my endowments and never replaced them) but now, due to use and other issues with 100% I need to buy all my g's again. Here's the thing: I bought a pair of drysilke (sp) with in regular size (24) and they are HUGE. I don't know what's wrong, my body is the same and to be fair, I don't want to spend a lot in wrong fitted g's.


PLEASE HELP. Did the sizing when odd? Should I use size 22 now?


My D.C is helpless and I'm a convert so my mom can't do much...

PS: I'm from Latin America.

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Sizing varies depending on the material and changes in sizing happen from time to time. All of that information is available at the distribution center and it is also available on In the church materials section, go to the section for ordering garments and there will be detailed information on sizing for each kind of material.

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That's awesome, but I need some... practical advice... U.S sizes don't apply here and the people at the D.C has zero clue on sizes. I tried on Saturday and a sister told me "It's a matter of luck"....

Question: should I go for size 22 instead of 24, given the fact that 24 is now like a double me?

We are giving you practical advice. You just don't seem to be comprehending what we are telling you.

The sizes aren't U.S. Sizes. They are sizes set by the church as the church is the manufacturer.

If it has been a while since you bought garments, your old size may not apply as sizing and numbering change from time to time. As has been previously mentioned.

The ladies at the distribution center are trained in selling garments, including the materials, sizing and any changes. There also should be sizing charts readily accessible to you at the distribution center. Have you looked for those?

As has been already stated, the church website has all of this information right there in the section where you order garments. Take your measurements and read the sizing charts. Read the one for the specific type of material you want to buy. Sizing will vary for the different materials, so this step is important.

No one here can tell you what size to buy. Take your measurements and consult the sizing charts. That will tell you what size in that particular garment you should get.

There is really no other information to give you. You gotta do the work.

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I'm a short girl (5"24 or 1.60 meters) and my old 100% cotton garments are worn out after 4 years of use 

For starters 4 years...that's gross. but like others have said, you can't relate American sizes to sizes in Latin america, a womens 22 is a tent....


Look on the conversion chart and get one size smaller...

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