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What's the story behind your name?

Hi it is very funny that you put a picture of a stuffed big foot. When I was little I saw a plush Bigfoot at a yard sale and it was one of those "I've got to have it" moments. I ran home and emptied out my piggy bank and ran back. I had hidden the plush toy so no one would take it. When I got back the toy was gone and I was upset. Then the lady who owned it came to me and said she took it and put it aside and although I didn't have enough money for it she still let me have it for whatever I had. It was probably like $2 or something I don't remember. I loved it and took the thing wherever I went. I am all grown up now and still have it. I don't take it everywhere anymore, but it still has a special place in my heart. So yeah, when coming up with a name I saw old Ted sitting there in a corner and Stuffedbigfoot it is. Edited by Stuffedbigfoot
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Personally, I love to ask questions.  I enjoy all kinds, even ones that don't have answers.  Looking forward to chatting from time to time.  Best wishes. :)

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