Dieter F. Uchtdorf - Priesthood Session

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It is part of human nature to want us to look our best.


When taken to extremes this desire to impress can shift from useful to deceitful.


The Savior was considerate with those sinners who strove to do better.


The Lord has words for those Priesthood holders who try to cover their sins.


The heavens withdraw themselves and the spirit is grieved.


Why do we sometimes try to appear active and prosperous when we have left our first love.


We may have lost our focus on the essence of the gospel.  


We are then at risk of entering Pharisee territory.


It is then time for us to make an immediate course direction.


Many of the things you can count really don’t count.


It might be beneficial to search our own hearts.  Such as, “Why don’t we serve in the church?”


You can build on whatever strength you can.


You can move closer to the Savior by applying principles to your life every single day.


If you feel small and weak come until Christ who makes weak things strong.


God’s promises are sure and certain.


We will come to a point where we hunger and thirst no more.


The church is not an automobile showroom, it is more like a service center where vehicles come for repair.


Aren’t we all not in need for repair, maintenance and rehabilitation?


God resists the proud but gives grace unto the humble.


Our highest calling is to be agents of Jesus Christ.


Resist the temptation to draw attention to ourselves and become better examples of Jesus Christ.

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