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Henry B. Eyring - Priesthood Session

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With your acceptance of the priesthood you have been given the authority to speak in Christ’s name.


There is a connection between the Priesthood and prayer.


To receive revelation it requires praying.


He is the God above all, the Father of all and will give attention to all of His children.


God hears your silent prayers, but you have to learn to shut out the distractions because the moment you need to connect with God may not come during quiet hours.


Think of the families and even the individuals that you have been called to serve.  You need to pray to find out what is needed.


Pray to know what God would have you do to help those families.


You always plead that He will bless you with His spirit.


We always pray that God will guide us in service to His children.


You should always pray that God will warn and protect you from evil.


As a Priesthood holder you are to be part of the warning voice of the Lord.  But you need to heed the warning yourself.


The Holy Ghost will be your guide as you study the words of the prophets.


It will not be the office held or the time of service that will show the balance to the Lord.


With a prayer of faith can God provide us power in the priesthood.


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