Thomas S. Monson - Sunday a.m. Session

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This conference marks 7 years since he was sustained as the President of the Church.


He recently dedicated the Phoenix Arizona Temple.


Currently have 144 temples in operation.


This year rededicating 2 temples and dedicating 5 new.


Three new temples announced:


Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire  (Ivory Coast)

Port au Prince Haiti

Bangkok, Thailand


We’ll have temptations. We’ll have trials and challenges.


As we go to the temples and remember the covenants there we will better be able to overcome these challenges.


The blessings of the temple are priceless.


May we have the spirit of temple worship.


May we follow carefully the steps of Jesus Christ.


May we offer prayers of gratitude on this great marvelous day.

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Guest MormonGator

Gotta say it. There is something about his voice that is very reassuring. He could tell me my car broke down and my wife ran off, and I'd be like "Things are going to be fine." 

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